Understanding how wired and wireless system works

Paradox Spectra model Keypad

In order to keep the home safe from break-ins, a security system is important for both residential and businesses to ensure a safe environment. Understanding how the security system can work will make it even more secure. There are two types of Alarm systems installed – Wired and Wireless.

Wired security systems

Wired security systems have been around for a long time and are hardwired into the house or business electrical system and sometimes to its landline. These systems are reliable over wireless systems as they’re easy to maintain with low maintenance costs by changing the batteries frequently and are ideal for very large spaces, these systems are mostly favoured by the professionals as they’re preferred because of their reliability and their consistency. Wired alarm systems also have features that can offer control panels in multiple rooms and can handle more sensors than wireless systems.

To add some extra security features, we can also add wireless components in the future like door sensors and cameras to the existing wired systems

The wiring differs from property to property and the amount of ceiling space to run the wires across the whole property, usually with properties that have small/no ceiling space like a duplex or triplex the technician will let you know if wireless alarm sensors are required in-conjunction with wired alarm sensors.

The main control panel which is hidden from the plain sight is connected to all the sensors in the property, the keypad and the Permaconn 4G device if the property is monitored. the control panel consists of a transformer which converts the 240V AC power supply to 12V DC for the PCB and supplies the power to all the alarm sensors, keypad, indoor and outdoor sirens. The control panel also has a back-up battery installed which will last for a good eight hours in case of power loss.

This back-up battery needs to be replaced every 2 years as per manufacturer recommendation. Not changing the back-up battery or low battery might send false signals and might activate the alarm unnecessary and the keypad will show the fault. The back-up battery will recharge itself – it will kick-in when the power is down, or the wires are cut and will restore itself once the power is back on.

Wireless alarm systems

Wireless alarm systems are mobile, as they can be moved from one place to another, these systems can be installed quickly as there is no wiring involved with these systems, these systems also offer extra protection as they don’t have phone lines that could stop the alarm to work. The wireless systems run through batteries, so the sensors and other devices batteries must be checked frequently. The sensors are also suitable for small to medium size homes only as their range is limited in distance.

These systems communicate through a wireless signal to send the signals to the monitoring centre, the main control panel will communicate with all the wireless sensors and the keypad employing the radio signals as the medium. The Wireless sensors can be used along with the wired sensors for properties that cannot have wired option available.

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