Radio Net Monitoring is a protected alarm monitoring system for the house or business that connects directly to your existing alarm system and uses the accessible networks. It’s a complete replacement, or a reliable option, to fixed landline monitoring and the safest method to transport information to monitoring centre from your alarm system. We can give you expert advice on different monitoring options including IP & GPRS observation. Also available a free 24 hours’ web & smartphone access to your alarm activity.

Advantages of Radio Net Monitoring:

  • No requirement for a Fixed Landline
  • Enables quick notification of security violations to the monitoring centre
  • Examined hourly and capable of programming that was changing
  • Unable to be interfered with by intruders
  • Alarm monitoring cannot be bypassed by cutting a phone line
  • Alarm Activity to be watched by mobile APP

Use our free mobile app to customise alerts, view sensor and alarm history, and check visitor activity, from any place. Our mobile technology ensures signals get through, even if your phone lines are cut.

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We provide a free onsite audit to find the best protection solution for your own property.

Free Mobile APP to watch your alarm activity:

  • Check to see if your alarm system is active
  • Text and Email Notifications
  • Easy to use customizable App
  • View and Add, edit your alarm users
  • Get one-touch access to our monitoring station
  • View and Add, edit your detector zone names
  • Let us know if you’re going to work early
  • Click instruct us what to do or to send a guard
  • Let us understand how late if you’re working late
  • After alarm activation, send us a comment before we respond
  • Immediately arm and disarm your alarm. (Add on module needed)

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