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Access Control and Electronic Lock

Access Controls are smart security systems designed to manage where- when and who can enter the property or certain areas of the property, doors, cabinets or who and when can open their locker or safes. Crucial Information can be obtained from these systems during emergencies as well.

A new access control system will be crucial for your business operations in ways you cannot fathom. Choosing the right product and access control system/ solution for your business or setting will be dependent on various factors. The right system that suits all your objectives and needs to fit all your security levels is paramount.

Access Control systems are designed to ease up the process of your operations not to interfere with. Depending on the systems and the products you choose the access control system will be more effective with proper implementation.

Types of control systems

Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

Discretionary Access Control is a type of access control system that grips the business owner accountable for deciding who are allowed in a particular location, physically or digitally. This type of the Access Control System is the least preventive compared to the other classifications, as it basically allows an individual complete control over any possessions they own. The downside to DAC system is the fact that it gives the end-user whole control to set security level sceneries for other users and the authorizations given to the end-user are inherited into other programs they use which could possibly lead to malware being executed without the end-user being conscious of it.

Managed Access Control (MAC)

Managed Access Control is usually applied in organizations that require higher emphasis on the confidentiality and classification of data. MAC does not authorize owners to have their say in their entities having access in a division or facility, instead, only the owner and custodian have the management of the access controls.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

This is the most regarded Access Control System also known as RBAC in the industry now. In this Modern Business world not only, this system highly regarded and is also in high demand in the market now. In this type of access control systems, access is allocated by the system administrator and is strictly based on the person’s role within the business or corporation and most of the advantages are based on the parameters defined by their job duties. This access control system makes life much easier because rather than giving many people one particular access, the system admin only has to assign access to specific job designations.

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Benefits of Access Control

Knowledge of who comes IN and goes OUT

Most of the businesses and organisations will have valuable physical assets and equipment/items on-site, the access control system will keep you in track of all inwards and outward movements of people visiting your property. This system helps keep track of who is authorised to enter the property and helps keeping the trespassers from slipping in undetected.

Tracking an Employee

If an organisation has multiple shifts with large number of employees coming In and going OUT at different hours, an Access Control System can help sort out the chaos and inform you if an employee is in the property when they should not be.

Secure the Sensitive Documents and Information

Many organisations will have documents or data that is sensitive accessible to very few personnel and not to everyone in the company. An access control system will allow a business to restrict the access to crucial areas that holds expensive hardware or vital software that information is saved on. This also applies to apartment buildings with lift control, electrical rooms and IT rooms.

Reduce Theft and Vandalism

With the right access control system to your property you can restrict unwanted trespassers and vandals to entry into your property. This also applies to any property holding valuable and dangerous equipment too.

Multi-Property Protection

Once the access control systems are integrated for different buildings and sites the system will be useful to grant access to employees or people to enter multiple or all buildings/sites.

No More Worrying About Keys

The access control system is proven to be cost effective and saving you a lot of time. When people/employee leave your company or apartment and fails to return the keys, most of the time the business or the building managers are stuck with the expenses of making new set of keys and even changing the locks in whole sometimes.

Whole Control of your Property

Access control systems provide you with the complete control of your property and the business. If an employee or a tenant has left your organisation/building with bad terms unlike physical keys, access control system gives you power to cancel their tags or access cards to restrict them coming back again to your property. The access control system can just remove the employee or a person’s access from the system digitally.

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Smart Card or Tag

There are many kinds of cards in use. It is vital that you select the right card or tag for your access control and security system. The practice of choosing the right card of tag is usually based on the following aspects.

  • Functionality
  • Security levels
  • Costs and accessibility

Different Products and types of Access Control Systems:

Biometric Readers

Biometric readers are the latest cutting-edge technology in person identification and authentication system, these systems use a wide range of technologies to verify identity.  These control systems do not need a physical key card or smart tags to be carried with and they simply rely on the unique specific key features of the users. Often these control systems comprise of facial recognition system, fingerprint scanners, infrared scanners and sometimes the combination of several of the above mentioned systems.

These systems are highly accurate and always consistent by giving you the higher level of control over people and your premises.

Card Readers

Card Readers are directly connected to the access control system by securely transmitting the data back and forth from the main panel to confirm the authenticity of the personnel using the system. These systems often comprises of Keypads with readers, Finger/Card/Tag readers, Card readers with LED screens.


The turnstile is one of the classic and a secure way to protect your premises. These systems are widely used in indoor settings. They fit perfectly in the surroundings of an office or public spaces or other specified settings. These turnstiles can be a standalone fitting or can be integrated with other systems, some of the additional applications you can add to the turnstile are Tag readers, Smart card readers, and also can be combined with the facial recognition system.

Electronic Locks

Electronic locks are standard in the security industry to control and manage people/vehicle access to your property.  There are a wide range of Electronic locks available in the market to suit variety of needs, with a lot of options to choose from, choosing the right product and fit for your premises will be vital to enhance the security of the area.

Electronic locks gives the user the full control over people/vehicle access, recording the movements of all personnel who enter/exit the premises. Electronic locks allows you to integrate them with a security system that unveils the more advanced security features.

Lock Configuration:

Fail Safe- When the power is deactivated from the lock, the type of lock unlocks.

Fail Secure- When the power is transmitted to the lock,  the type of lock unlocks.

Advantages- Electronic Locks

Electronic locks have a huge distinctive advantage over the standard and traditional locks and keys. The user will have no more lost keys, allowing the remote access control of the premises, highly durable and safe to use. The Electronic locks can be connected to your access control system which allows you to grant access to specific areas and the same key can be used in the whole site. Another advantage over keys is that the misplaced cards can be disabled, completely eliminating the threat.

Electronic locks are very durable. Maglocks as an example, have no moving parts attached or barrels, pins and tumblers. The electronic locks will have more life than the normal locks as they wear out in time.

As a safety feature these electronic locks can be set up to automatically release in the event of an emergency evacuation or in the event of fire. These locks will have a numerous programmable triggers integrated with the system to help cope with any type of emergency specific to the premises the system is used.

Electronic Lock- Types

There are huge range of products and options for securing the doors at your property. All of these products will have its own distinctive advantages and downsides depending on where you use these systems.

Magnetic Locks

Magnetic Locks or Mag locks are one of the most secure tool used in site security which provides fully automated and discreet solution to control an area. Magnetic locks use an electromagnetic field to hold the door closed so it will have no moving parts which will require less maintenance involved, and the locks will operate well in a range of situations.

Mag locks are low in power consumption with simple low cost installation. Mag Locks contains sensors inside which can be integrated with any access control or security system.

Mortice Locks

This type of lock much more secure as the lock can be installed in the centre edge of the door, this Mortice lock is manufactured in Melbourne. Mortice lock is user friendly as this allows free egress in the event of an emergency.  This type of lock can be used in a wide variety of situations.

Electrical Strike Locks

Electrical strike are electro-mechanical door locking units which means they are mechanical locks with electronic devices integrated that provides additional functionality.

These Electric strikes are used in general combination with the other forms of locking devices such as a lock set and a panic button. These electric strike locks use the electrical power which holds the latch and/or lock bolt securely in place which keeps the door locked until the system is activated to release. Once the release system is activated, the metal unit inside which is hinged to the electric strike will pivot which allows the door to open without having to operate/turn the door handle.

The panic and the lock functions will operate independently of the electric strike, this allows the door to be opened from inside in case of the power loss just by using the touchpad or just turning the door handle. This is called as the fail-safe operation. Also depending on the operation of the door these strike locks can be programmed to be Fail-safe or Fail-secure.


Electric Drop Bolts

An Electric Drop Bolt lock refers to a solenoid or the motor actuated mechanism that is used as the additional locking units to add-on the electromagnetic locks and also with electric strikes. These electric drop bolt locks are being widely used both in the residential and the commercial properties alike.

The electric drop bolts can be programmed to be Failsafe mode and Fail secure mode. The only exception would be that the electric drop bolts cannot be installed on the fire rated doors as these doors do not unlock in case of a power loss or an emergency.

The advantages of these electric drop bolt system is that they can sense an intrusion in manual forced break ups through the reed and the sensor magnets and they disconnect and close the bolt system denying entry. A long operating life as most of the solenoids have more than 500,000 operations. They have auto relocking timer entry and can be easily installed  when compared.

Keypad Locks

The keypad locks are smart door locks and are widely used in many residential properties. These types of locks may have physical keys as a backup to use the door, these type of locks will require a numerical code to operate the door. Although these locks are high in tech and specifications and a good addition to your integrated smart home system, you will want to make sure to take caution to stay away from hackers.

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