Micron Security System

Micron alarms have been produced locally in New Zealand for over 40 years and have been exporting their systems internationally.  Because of their easy installation, these systems are widely used both residentially and commercially in 70’s, 80’s and 90’s but faced competition from international brands like DSC and Paradox.

Mostly used models in the market are Scorpion, Micron 6 Pac, Lynx and Traxx. There are also models in Micron Scorpion Control Panels which are Scorpion Z6L, Scorpion Z4120C, Scorpion Z6020C, Scorpion Z8020C, and Scorpion Z16040C.

Each model differs by number of zones and their unique codes. They’ve further extended their designs to LED and LCD models like LP660, KP880.

Micron alarm systems

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Sensors and Detectors

There are different models available in the market which are compatible to use in any kind of weather conditions. Some of them are as follows

IQ60 Digital Passive Infrared Sensor has a very wide angle 120-degree sensor with 15 meters of coverage area.

PXI Pet Exclusion Infrared Sensors are pet friendly sensors designed to be pet tolerant which constantly checks for the changes in the movement of the body heat.

ET Environmentally Tolerant Infrared Sensor has a wide angle of 120 degrees with 14 meters coverage area. These sensors have become very popular for its lesser activations.

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