Press [✱] [2] to view the trouble condition on the DSC alarm system.
The trouble light will flash and the LCD will display the first trouble condition present. Use the arrow keys to scroll through all trouble conditions present.
Press the [✱] key to view the additional information
Press [✱] [2] to view a trouble condition. Then the trouble light will flash.
Below is the list of faults displayed on DSC alarm system.
Light [1] ✱ Service Required – Press [1] for more information
[1] Low Battery
[2] Bell Circuit
[3] General System Trouble
[4] General system Tamper
[5] Module Supervision
[6] RF Jam Detected
[7] PC5204 Low Battery
[8] PC5204 AC Failure
Light [2] AC Trouble
Light [3] Telephone Line Trouble
Light [4] Failure to Communicate
Light [5] ✱ Zone Fault -Press [5] for more information
Light [6] ✱ Zone Tamper – Press [6] for more information
Light [7] ✱ Wireless Device Low Battery – Press [7] for more information
Light [8] Loss of Time or Date
Please call us now to get your DSC alarm serviced.

Below are the common models of DSC alarm system that we repair and service:

  • DSC 1616, DSC 1832, DSC 1864
  • DSC Power Series Neo Range
  • DSC Impassa series, Classic series
  • DSC Envoy Series
  • DSC Maxsys 4020
  • DSC 500, DSC 510, DSC 560, DSC 585, DSC 1565
  • DSC 1500, DSC 1550, DSC 3000
  • DSC 832, DSC 5010, DSC 5015

If you have a similar model or brand at your premises but have no knowledge of who installed it or if the alarm system is beeping and needs a repair or servicing, then you can contact us on 0800 031 330

How to stop my DSC alarm beeping?

First, we have to trace the fault and stop the beeping to work on the trouble that caused the system to beep.
Check your alarm system is disarmed or enter your user code to disarm using the keypad and press the pound (#) key. Press the (*) button followed by the number (2) to detect the troubles on your alarm system, then you will be shown the activated number for the troubles and you can refer the User Manual to identify the specific fault.

Common Faults to sort out:

Low Battery: If you have had a power outage you will need to wait for 24 hours when the power comes back on so that the backup battery can be recharged. However, if the beeping still exists you will need to replace the battery, you can contact KIWI SECURITY TEAM on 0800 031 330 for the battery replacement. On DSC alarm system number 1 corresponds to service required (Low Battery).

AC Power Loss:
AC Power loss indicates that your alarm control panel is having trouble to get power from the transformer. To solve this fault, make sure you check if your power outlet is plugged into the power source and also look at your property’s power and circuit breakers. If the fault still persists, the transform needs replacement as it may have burnt the fuse inside the control panel itself, contact us to change the fuse or replace the transformer or the control panel.

Check the PIR’s if it is still on; this indicates that there is been an incident such as a glass break or activated smoke detector.
While these small checks and methods work in most of the cases, some security systems and panels require a different approach. So, if your alarm system does not respond to any of these methods contact KIWI SECURITY TEAM on 0800 031 300 for additional support.
DSC LED5516 Alarm Keypad
DSC LCD5511 Alarm Keypad
DSC Power Series PK5500 keypad
DSC PC1555RKZ Keypad

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