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Hikvision has years of experience is providing the security in all over the world. Highly practical and scalable modular IP and 2 wire video intercoms are provided by Hikvision. Hikvision also provides the analog video intercoms which will provide the ideal solutions with basic functionalities. They can be personalized to the specific needs. In Hikvision IP based video intercoms key board can be added if code lock system is needed, one can enter the user number to dial.  With and identical modules door and gate stations will have different systems. the indoor and outdoor stations start communicating as soon as they are powered using DS-KAD706. Hikvision intercoms are easy to install and can be programmed on site by giving the different IP address to each station.

Hikvision intercoms has several subgroups like:

  • Modular IP 2nd generation systems
  • Villa 2nd gen IP generation
  • 2-wire 2 gen. modular systems

By combining the above systems, we can create extensive functional and personalized to the customer needs for all kind of houses, apartments and gates.

Hikvision Intercom
Hikvision Intercom Systems nz

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Hikvision Intercom Systems

Key features – Hikvision Intercom Systems:

  • In the extension mode the call between the apartment or monitors will function in the same premises
  • The gate or outdoor cameras will be having the wider cameras angles for a better view
  • For villa 2 gen modular systems has built in WIFI modules
  • With the help of the web application and mobile application we can easily have the remote access
  • By expanding 5 additional monitors like having 1 master and 5 slaves in one apartment, it can be extendable up 500 monitors.

Hikvision intercoms have the better-quality cameras view by using the advanced cameras and pc technology.

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