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Uniview is one of the major global manufacturers of professional IP cameras in the current Surveillance cameras platform and the best player in recordings observation.

Uniview has an enormous scope of IP video surveillance items lines including IP Cameras, NVR, Encoders, Decoders, Storage Solutions, Client programming and application pointing to different vertical business sectors including retail, building, industry, training, business, city observation and then some.

Here in Auckland, we Kiwi Security Installs and provides top-class services for all your UNV CCTV needs with trained and certified technicians from UNV for residential and commercial demands.


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Range of Products 


UNV has Complete IP Video Surveillance product offerings, which are intended for fundamental and progressed. They give Easy Series, Prime and Pro-series variants relying on the size of the association. Kiwi Security being the best IP Cameras installer provides the best knowledge during the pre and post-installation time.


Easy Series is the most ideal and suitable for residential and small scale businesses. Easy series is the most cost-effective and they provide cameras from basic range pixel 2mp to 8mp with dome, turret and bullet cameras with a fixed lens. Residential properties with a small range of coverages can opt for easy series for their installation. 


Prime series is fantastic where you can discover ideal items with cutting edge capacities to execute superb execution. Prime series includes standard and improved NVRs and cameras which have a wide scope of smart features, great video content-wise examination. Also prime series comprises of 2/4/6/8mp series with various degrees of picture quality. Prime version cameras are incredibly proficient with face detection and interruption recognition. Light hunter technology was introduced into the pro series to ensure high image quality in low illumination technology. With these great detection qualities, items from prime families are ordinarily utilized in parks, business structures and small projects. 


UNV Pro series is designed with a brilliant resolution that can provide ultra max resolution of 4k or 4096×1800. These model cameras are provided with smart features of light hunter technology, a built-in mic and a built-in speaker. Introducing 5th generation Infra Technology these cameras can cover up to 50m distance and supports a horizontal view of 180 degrees. 

These cameras are used mostly in big warehouses, large scale industries and Public Transport stations.


All the above series of UNV also delivers Network Video Recorders (NVR’s), Video Management Systems (VMS), PTZ Cameras with motorized lens and Thermal Cameras for Temperature recognition. Apart from the mentioned features, benefits attached with the UNV series are remote monitoring, Emap Functioning, cloud upgrade, free mobile applications and desktop software. 


Anyhow our expertise consultant from kiwi security can help in choosing the perfect series for your residential or commercial model and our skilled technicians can ensure the installation and set up process with great post-installation support.

Want to upgrade your existing security system? Our experienced security consultants offer free audit. Call us today for an appointment!

IP67 Weatherproof rating

UNV cameras have an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 67. It means the cameras are completely protected from dust and other solid particles. Rest assured that when these cameras are installed outside, it will have no problem with poor weather conditions. 


Night Vision IR Range 

At the point when the sun goes down or the lights go out, these cameras turn all alone installed infrared LED lights. These lights, which are undetectable to the natural eye, permit the camera to keep working and recording video day or night. What’s more, since its IR range conceals to 100ft, you’re not going to miss whatever occurs on your camera’s feeds, regardless of whether it occurs in completely dark light conditions.


Remote Access

Effectively see and deal with your cameras and recorders anywhere remotely with the free and user-friendly mobile applications and desktop software as long as your internet NVR is connected to the internet. Also, this software allows doing the NVR and cameras remotely. For the fledgling, you can utilize the applications to just view live feeds and playback recorded video. Whatever you need to achieve, it’s good there readily available.


ONVIF Compatibility 

Assuming you need to add this camera to a security framework previously set up, that is no issue. This camera consents to the conventions set by the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF). This implies, as long as your present recorder is ONVIF Compatible, you’ll have the option to set this camera up with your present framework.


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