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Arrowhead Alarm Products which was established in 1986 to provide a top-notch alarm security equipment. The Elite security system is designed and manufactured in the heart of New Zealand at Albany Industrial Park in Auckland.

Arrowhead’s most popular alarm model is also known as ESL or Elite Control System. The ESL control panel comes with 8 or 16 Zones. The main advantage of having an Arrowhead Alarm is that you can choose to upgrade your existing Alarm with the new Control Panel from Elite, and you are still able to use the existing PIR’s i.e. motion sensors if possible and add additional sensors or smoke sensors wirelessly to the new control panel if cabling is not practical. As this stands the biggest upside of Arrowhead Alarm System as you can have both wired and wireless components working together on one Alarm system.

Arrowhead alarm wireless hand -held remotes have an extensive range of communication with the control panel, you can expediently open/close your garage door and control your property’s alarm from your vehicle coming along the driveway by just pressing two buttons.

Part-arming your alarm system has never been this convenient before, with the night-time part arming which allows your property to be partially armed whilst disarming the areas that you would not want to, makes the whole solution much simpler and secure. You can also program the partial arming or STAY arming onto the wireless remotes which will save your time to go downstairs/upstairs to the keypad to arm/disarm the alarm system.

Arrowhead Alarm Products- “Elite control” application:

Arrowhead alarm system offers the best and the latest technology available in the market right now with touch screen keypads and controlling your property alarm system from your smartphone or tablet with just a touch, the application is available in both android and iOS stores and is very easy to use and reliable at the same time. The new application is constantly upgraded with regular updates from your play store and they are constantly looking to improve the customer experience to make the app more user friendly as practicable. The application will give you push notifications if enabled about the activations of your alarm system.

Arrowhead Alarm System can be remotely connected to the monitoring services with an add-on IP module which has to be purchased separately to get your property monitored.

“Elite – S Alarm System”

We will discuss a bit about Elite- S range of alarm system by Arrowhead as they are the most versatile which can be used both for residential or small business security and are fully expandable to serve the need of a large commercial installations.

Elite alarm keypad

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The in-built digital dialler comes into action to report any activations off site to our monitoring station, such as KIWI SECURITY MONITORING, or up to 8 personal phone numbers of your choice can be added to your system.

Voice Module: Out of the many options you can include voice module to alert you with a clear, custom messages of specific locations and the type of the alarms.

Other detection devices:

Arrowhead Elite S security system is compatible with many other detection devices such as:

  • Flush mount reed switches which can be mounted directly to the doors and windows of your property.
  • Shock and glass break sensors can be utilized to detect intruders before they enter your home or business.
  • A wide range of perimeter beams have been designed to alert you before the intruder has even entered your property.
  • Another alternative to your property’s entry is the proximity tag access. The Elite S security system allows the proximity readers to be directly connected to your alarm control panel which allows controlled access to your home or business, regardless of your desired entry is inside or outside.
  • Hard-wired Smoke Detectors can be installed to work in-line with the other sensors and can be connected to the Elite S security system. The Elite S will notify you and your family and the monitoring station if monitored in the event of fire.
  • Another feature which is ` overlooked when it comes to the alarm control panels is the Heat Detectors and they can be very useful as Smoke detectors and can be installed to your Elite S control panel for both home and business.
  • Manual Panic switches which are very useful for retail businesses and in the master bedrooms of the residential properties.
  • Using the Elite S scheduling facility, business owners can relax knowing that their premises will be armed and protected after hours. Staff can have controlled access to selected areas of the property.

Want to upgrade your existing security system? Our experienced security consultants offer free audit. Call us today for an appointment!

Key Features Arrowhead Alarm:

  • 8/16 zone alarm inputs (both wired and wireless)
  • Up to 100 proximity tags
  • Up to 100 pin numbers
  • Up to 80 remote control buttons can be programmed to ELITE S security system
  • Partial or STAY arming programming
  • Self-monitoring and control via ELITE CONTROL application in smartphone
  • Electronic control of up to

Arming the Alarm:

You can arm your Arrowhead alarm with the <ARM> button or using your code. Arming the alarm will turn on all the sensors in the area or areas being armed. To Arm press;


Area A, B or both armed LED’s will turn ON or;


Area A, B or both armed LED’s will turn ON

The two different Arming modes mentioned above will arm either a single area or both areas depending on what areas are designated to the keypad, or code or both. The installer will advise you on how they have configured your alarm.

Selective Area Arming:

The panel can be split into two areas and once that is done, user and keypad are both assigned to the two areas it is possible to select which area or areas you wish to arm. To do this you will need to ask the installer to program the panel to require the <ARM> button to be pressed before the code to arm the panel. To selectively Arm the alarm press;


On an LED keypad zone LED’s 1 & 2 will turn ON.

(LED1 = Area A & LED 2= Area B)

On an LCD keypad the display will show “Area/s to Arm” “A B”; this is indicating that both the areas are selected for arming the alarm; if you wish you can de-select one area before arming; button 1 relates to Area A and button 2 relates to Area B.

If you do not do anything the panel will proceed to automatically arm both area in 10 seconds time.

Disarming the Alarm:

Disarming the alarm will turn off all detectors in the Area or Areas that were Armed. To Disarm the alarm press; <CODE><ENTER>

    Elite S Alarm Manuals

    Want to upgrade your existing security system? Our experienced security consultants offer free audit. Call us today for an appointment!

    Arrowhead alarm Repair Auckland

    Does your ELITE or Arrowhead Alarm have the “TROUBLE” led flashing?

    When viewing the memory events on the keypad by pressing the “MEMORY” button, the first thing that will always be displayed is the “SYSTEM” LED.
    If the system LED turns on but no other Zone LED’s are on at the same time, this means that there are no current system alarms and when a trouble condition appears to push the “MEMORY” button to check the alarm system faults.
    LED Fault Description Details
    [1] Battery Failure
    [2] Mains Power Failure
    [3] Telephone Line Communication Failure
    [4] Wireless Detector Battery Low
    [5] Remote Control Battery Low
    [6] Wireless Detector Supervision Failure
    [7] Zone Inactivity Timeout
    Press The [ Memory ] button to exit
    For [2] If you are experiencing a power cut, the problem will resolve itself when the power returns. Please make sure the power supply(plug pack) connected to the alarm hasn’t been removed from the socket and sometimes fuse on the control panel might get blown off.

    Below are the common models of Arrowhead alarm system that we repair and service:

    There are also some systems branded under CROW POWERWAVE EIGHT:

    • Arrowhead Elite, Elite S, Elite S Lite
    • Arrowhead ESL, ESL-2, ESX-1, ESX-1 PLC/U
    • Crow Powerwave 8, Powerwave 16
    • Crow Runner Series

    If you have a similar model or brand at your premises but have no knowledge of who installed it or if the alarm system is beeping and needs a repair or servicing, then you can contact us on 0800 031 330

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