Why is my BOSCH alarm beeping every 60 seconds?

A quick push on the AWAY or # button should stop the alarm from beeping but it doesn’t mean that the fault has been fixed. Call us to service the alarm

Why MAINS light is flashing or FAULT light displayed?

If AC mains supply fails the “MAINS” light keeps flashing until the AC MAINS supply is restored. Most of the alarm systems will begin beeping or chirping as a result of a total power outage or fail to recharge the alarm backup battery or do the fault analysis on the keypad. Call us if the battery needs to change.

Below are the common models of Bosch/Solution alarm system that we repair and service:

  • Bosch Solution 4, Solution 8, Solution 6, Solution 6 + 6 W
  • Bosch EDM Solution Range
  • Bosch Range B 8512G, B9512G
  • Bosch 862, Bosch 880, Bosch 880 Ultima
  • Bosch 404, Bosch 408, Bosch 448, Bosch 488
  • Bosch 16 Plus
  • Bosch 3000, Bosch 6000

If you have a similar model or brand at your premises but have no knowledge of who installed it or if the alarm system is beeping and needs a repair or servicing, then you can contact us on 0800 031 330


If your BOSCH system is giving false alarming, the main reason could be the faulty sensor or maybe the cabling is faulty.


How can I do the fault analysis on the BOSCH alarm?

You can do the fault analysis on the BOSCH alarm from the keypad by holding [5] key until two beeps sound. If zone [1] flashes, press and hold [1]; SYSTEM FAULT
Below is the list of faults on the Bosch alarm system.
LED Fault Description Details: 
  1.  Battery Fail
  2. Time & Date
  3. RF Receiver Fail
  4. External Siren Fail
  5. Phone Line Fail
  6. EEPROM Failure
  7. Fuse Fail
  8. Mains Power Fail
Please call us now on 0800 031 330 to get your BOSCH alarm serviced.

Check Out & Download Bosh Alarm Manual Here

Bosch Alarm Keypads
Bosch keypad

Bosch Alarm Manual

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