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Paradox Security Systems is New Zealand’s most popular alarm brand. One of the greatest advantages is that PARADOX ALARM SYSTEM can be used to add additional components to your existing or new PARADOX alarm easily without the need to add more wiring to your property.

All of our PARADOX alarms are capable of security alarm monitoring services. A paradox alarm system is a best-fitted solution for residential security and business security. PARADOX security systems offer the latest smartphone technology.

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Want to upgrade your existing security system? Our experienced security consultants offer free audit. Call us today for an appointment!

Paradox Wireless Smoke Sensor
Paradox Touch Screen TM50

All about Paradox MG Series Alarm system.

The biggest advantage of having this PARADOX alarm is, it can have wired and wireless devices installed on the same alarm system.

Features of Paradox MG series alarm system:

Paradox offers MAGELLAN series which have MG5000 and MG5050 control panels, they are of two-way wireless security systems 
offers a combination of security, wireless devices(motion sensors, door reeds, remotes, keypad & smoke sensors) easy installation for any residential(single-level or multilevel) or small commercial sites 
It’s a best-fitted solution for clients who are looking to avoid cabling or having limited roof access.
We can also install Touchscreen or led button or LCD keypads on Mg series paradox control panel.

Want to upgrade your existing security system? Our experienced security consultants offer free audit. Call us today for an appointment!

Wireless Remotes

MG series are compatible with wireless hand remote controllers where you can arm/disarm the alarm from your car outside the house and also opens the electric garage door. MG series panel has built in RX receiver with a very good wireless strength in communicating with all good wireless range products like motion sensors, smoke sensors, outdoor siren, and door contacts. 


During night times partial arming is very safe and secure solution for our residential customers which allows them to arm the downstairs areas of their house to be part armed and bypass the upstairs sensors by SLEEP ARM option.
Our mission is to provide our customers with personalized service with innovative and quality products which have multiple features on a single alarm system, this is the reason why Paradox alarm products are the most trusted and popular alarm brand.

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Paradox Wireless Sensor
Paradox Remote Controller

Want to upgrade your existing security system? Our experienced security consultants offer free audit. Call us today for an appointment!

How do I stop my Paradox alarm beeping?

Finding the fault first: A power outage, wiring fault, problems with the back-up battery, communication disrupt and other things can all be some of the culprits behind the beeping alarm system. Below, we outline a step-by-step guide to solve the beeping sound from your alarm system. If the beeping still continues, contact your local security company for professional service and support.

Step 1: Make sure there is no risk present

First always check the security control panel and the alarm sirens to make sure that there is no fire, check your property properly for any intrusion or break-in. If there is any serious threat that would have triggered your alarm system.

Step 2: Back-up Battery/Batteries

Your security system may beep constantly to give you an alert that the battery needs to be changed immediately. This also applies for the batteries in both your control panel and the motion detection sensors (Wireless). You can contact KIWI SECURITY TEAM on 0800 031 330 to test or replace the faulty batteries.

Step 3: Silence the Alarm

If the above-mentioned points are not the cause for your alarm beeping, follow the below mentioned standard methods to troubleshoot the problem:

1. ENTER YOUR UNIQUE ALARM CODE TO DISARM THE SYSTEM (If you enter a wrong code or want to try aging you can press CLEAR-CLEAR button and enter the alarm user code again).


While these small checks and methods work in most of the cases, some security systems and panels require a different approach. So, if your alarm system does not respond to any of these methods contact your security company for additional support.

Why am I seeing some numbers lit on my keypad?

Every motion detection sensor at your property is allocated to a number so every time you see a number glowing on the keypad means it is indicating that a specific sensor zone on the keypad. During an intrusion, it will be stored in Memory to find which zone is activated.

Why our Paradox alarm TBL button ON?

When a trouble condition has occurred, press the [TBL] or [TRBL] to stop the beeping then one or more lights will come on illuminating the respective trouble the system is experiencing.


  • You could partially arm the downstairs area of your home while you sleep, it makes very safe and secure solution for residential customers.
  • We also have GPRS cellular modules or 4G Devices that can be connected to PARADOX system and monitored if you have no phone line or internet onsite.
  • Paradox Security System got hardwired and wireless alarm system options for Alarm Panel, LCD Keypad, Glass Break Detectors, Indoor and Outdoor Sensors, Siren, Panic Buttons and Door Reeds
  • Not only we install new paradox alarms, but we also provide regular/annual servicing, emergency alarm repairsupgrades/additions and more for both homes and businesses.
  • Paradox alarm system has wireless hand remote controllers will arm or disarm your alarm at the touch of a button, or open the gate/garage to allow access.

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