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We got a FUTURE PROOF ALARM MONITORING for your premises

A standard Fibre installation means that the old copper cabling/phone line gets removed. Many home and business alarms are connected to and send signals through a copper phone line. When you switch to fibre network your internet service provider upgrades to the fibre by replacing the copper lines with new fibre optic cable and this can affect your existing alarm system. The majority of alarms in New Zealand communicate in a format called Contact ID so this is what most units have been designed to operate with. You don’t have to upgrade your whole alarm system to get it monitored if you are switching to fibre.

Kiwi Security installs a Permaconn 4G GPRS device to an alarm system that provides a way for the system to communicate with our monitoring centre for protection 24/7. The Permaconn GPRS system operates in private networks provided by Vodafone and 2 Degrees and it’s the best fibre alarm monitoring option.

The Alarm panel sends its data using the Permaconn GPRS network. If the Permaconn unit loses connectivity, it will automatically switch to the other network.

This device won’t be affected by the power cut as it can run off the backup battery installed in the alarm. When you get this device installed, your property is still monitored even if you don’t have phone line or internet, as this device got a 4G sim card inbuilt.

Advantages of GPRS Monitoring:

  • No requirement for a Fixed Landline or Internet
  • Enables quick notification of security violations to the monitoring centre
  • Examined hourly and capable of programming that was changing
  • Unable to be interfered with by intruders
  • Alarm monitoring cannot be bypassed by cutting a phone line
  • Alarm Activity to be watched by mobile APP

Please check at whether your home or business is ready to be upgraded to fibre, then phone us on 0800 031 330 to discuss how this may affect your existing alarm monitoring. Take the opportunity to review your security.

All our staff are Ministry of Justice Licensed, holding the relevant Certificate of Approval. All our installers are Registered Security Technicians.

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Mobile app for monitoring

Kiwi Security offers a free smartphone application to monitor your alarm system virtually, from anywhere, even when you are not in the country.

Our easy-to-use mobile app helps to:

  • View sensor and alarm history. Eg when your alarm was turned on/off and by which user
  • Arm or disarm the system
  • Customise alerts
  • Assess visitors’ activities
  • View and add/ edit your alarm users
  • Backup notifications via text and email
  • Get a one-touch access to the monitoring station
  • View and add/ edit your detected zones
  • Let the monitoring station know if you’re going to work early or working till late

Our mobile technology ensures signals go through, even if your phone lines are disconnected.

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