CCTV Installation

Whether you are a homeowner, a small to medium business owner, run a commercial enterprise or even a retailer, a CCTV (close circuit television) is a must-have on your premises.

Kiwi Security, one of the most reliable and friendly security companies in NZ, offers this virtual security guard – in the form of indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras – to facilitate offsite management. To deter a shoplifter or to track visitors, this surveillance system automatically triggers alerts. Following alarm activation, our operators view footage from multiple angles and cameras, which improve the likelihood of spotting the source of concern way more efficiently and quickly than a traditional guard can ever achieve.

CCTV, as a tracking mechanism, is used most often for crime prevention/ detection and to control traffic flows. But in the fast-paced world of today, it is not always possible to stay put in one place. Often, we have to commute from one destination to another, yet keep an eye on the activities at home or within our business premises. This is when the CCTV comes as a saviour to end all our worries.

Why install a CCTV?

At home and at the workplace, health and safety are a priority. A CCTV:

  • Controls who enters your premises and when
  • Ensures safe and ethical practices are followed, even when you are not onsite
  • Reduces your exposure to crime by increasing the security of your assets, staff and information
  • Provides long distance vision, with wider lens
  • Provides both internal and external coverage of the premises via multiple cameras
  • Offers accessibility of coverage on phone, tablet or personal computer.

We have installed CCTV in:

  • Residential Homes
  • Construction Sites
  • Schools
  • Factories
  • Retail Stores
  • Offices
  • Apartments
  • Warehouses

Our Security specialists are all NZ Registered and licensed by the NZ Ministry of Justice and police reviewed, so you know they can be trusted at your property.


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What is the difference between analogue and IP cameras?

Analogue cameras require a wire to be connected from the camera to the recorder, whereas IP surveillance cameras connect back to the recorder via Ethernet, WiFi or WAN.

Kiwi Security has registered and experienced technicians who can guide with their finest workmanship and tailor every installation to meet your security requirements, within your budget and company restrictions. You can rest assure that all equipment we supply is of the greatest quality.

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