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Every time someone knocks your front door you always need to go all the way to open it by
leaving the work you are doing. The most annoying part is a person standing the other side is
a salesperson or holding an unwanted good to sell. Besides this security matters mostly. You
don’t know whether a friend or a foe waiting outside a door.

Intercoms with video and audio features can help you in screening the person outside. Having
an intercom system can add another layer of security to the property. The main intend of
having intercom at your property can give you full ability to control your property by
knowing the person who visited your home or Commercial site. Moreover, you can feel
comfortable and have extra peace of mind.

No matter you leave in a safer neighbourhood you will have odd times where there is a
chance of occurring anti-social elements. Houses with old citizens, children’s and Physically
disabled are mostly worried about who is accessing their property. Intercoms are the best
solution in those situations where it can it gives a chance to communicate and see the guest
and then decide to allow the access or no. You can know who is standing outside without
moving from the place where you are. This gives you more comfortability and peace of

“Safety is a choice you make” – Intercoms can bring a safer environment against odds theft or
vandalism of your assets or people in Apartments, Offices and residential places.


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It works as simple as 

It works as a two-way communicator where it enables you to authenticate the person and you can look at the person standing outside. When the person outside push the button on intercom station you can speak with him and you can view his face with the help of the camera on the screen inside. You have two options available audio intercom and video intercom.


In residences like apartments, intercoms create extra safe for tenants and owners from burglaries by providing easy access and communication between the different access points of a building and lift areas. In Commercial properties and offices, it makes way for accessible communication and allows authorised people and guests. Can have a quick conversation with anyone, without getting from the workstation.

Internal intercoms can help you to communicate with children, old folks and employees in different rooms and different levels of property by saying goodbye to yelling or calling them on phone. Upgraded technology allows you to go with wired and wireless system.

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There are two primary components namely master station and terminals. The master station is the main brain of the intercom systems. All the door lock mechanisms, terminals that are installed at the entryway of the doorways, or gates will be communicating to the master station. They are also called base stations or door stations. Whereas the terminals are helped to interact with the visitors at the base station. These terminals are also called substations.

Intercoms follow a set of instructions to transfer the audio and video signals called protocols. SIS is the most popular protocol used to transfer audio and video signals. 

There is a different kind of intercoms like wired, wireless, some of them are designed for residential and some of them are for commercials.

Wireless intercoms 

These wireless intercoms are depended on an invisible radio frequency called a spectrum, which will help the wireless intercoms to operate by carrying the signals. This spectrum uses under GHz to transmit the audio and video signals. These are very useful if the cost of running the cables is increased or facing any difficulties in running the cables.

Wired intercoms 

The difference between the wired and wireless intercoms is running the cables to the indoor and outdoor station and the internet connection. In wired intercoms, we need to run cables for the power supply and link between the indoor and outdoor station. Wired intercoms are more secure and will reduce the interface with other wireless devices.

Audio intercoms 

Audio intercoms will allow you to talk with the visitors. Some of the audio intercoms will have the controls to open the door for the visitors. These audio intercoms are mostly installed in the apartments and commercials sites. When the visitors call the residents from the outdoor station residents will hear the buzzer sound. 

Video intercoms 

Apart from the audio signals, some intercoms will also transfer the video signals. These video intercoms are the most advanced comparing to all the other intercoms. An ideal video intercom has in-build cameras, and a display to see the video footage. This will help the residents to see who is at the door and also helps to grant access. In video intercoms with the help of web applications and smartphone applications, you can use the smartphone as the substation and grant access from anywhere.

Gate intercoms 

Gate intercoms will grant access for the car and pedestrians. Gate intercoms are mostly used at gated communities, industrial properties, parking garage entrances. Same as all other intercoms gate intercoms also have the master station and substations. Gate intercoms are slightly difficult to install because of their locations. And the cost will be depended on the complexity of the installation.

Key features of the intercoms

  1. They are scalable
  2. Flexibility
  3. Easy remote access setup
  4. Extended range
  5. Noise cancellation
  6. Group calling
  7. Weather proof stations

And most important feature with intercoms is you can provide safety and resident satisfaction to your family or workers.

Not all intercoms are created in the same way. All the business and residential properties have different needs to install the intercoms.

If you are having any difficulties choosing the right product for your property, feel free to call kiwi security for a free site audit. Our security consultant will help you to choose the right product. Kiwi security will provide you with good quality, reliable, quality cameras and will always comes with the manufactures warranty.

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