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Smoke alarms can be very annoying at times, but smoke alarms are essential for homes and businesses for safety and can save lives. Losing a house or a loved one can be very heart breaking and especially in times like winters when everyone uses electric blankets and heaters, there can be more chances for accidents and thus a reminder for us to be more careful than usual.

The one prime thing that you should never neglect in your property is the fire safety and by installing smoke alarms they will provide life-saving warnings to the residents of the property to get to a safe place before being trapped by fire or smoke.

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Smoke Alarm nz

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How do you know your smoke alarm works?

Do you know that you lose your senses when you are asleep? Make sure you test your alarms monthly by pressing the test button on the smoke alarm to ensure it is operating properly and is loud and clear if you cannot reach the detector use a chair/ladder to stand and reach.

Photoelectric or Ionisation? Which smoke alarms are best?

Photoelectric smoke alarms are better in detecting slow smouldering fires, which burns fire for hours before flames erupt and Ionisation smoke alarms are better in detecting fast fires, which can spread quickly. Both smoke alarms tend to sense the smoke differently.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand recommends Photoelectric Smoke Alarms – these alarms have a sensing chamber so when smoke enters this chamber, light is emitted and triggers the alarm. These alarms are recommended to install in living areas, bedrooms and hallways and have proven to be more effective for the home environment as they respond faster to the smoke emanating from the large pieces of furniture such as sofas and furniture. The faster you are alerted, the faster you can move yourself and your family to the safety.

Want to upgrade your existing security system? Our experienced security consultants offer free audit. Call us today for an appointment!

How do you know which smoke alarm do you have?

Every smoke alarm will have a label saying whether it is a Photoelectric or Ionisation Smoke Alarm. If you do not locate one please look out for a bright yellow radiation symbol inside or at the back of the Ionisation alarm.

What are the most common causes of fire accidents?

  • Electric blankets and heaters
  • Candles
  • Barbeques
  • Faulty Wiring
  • Failing to check and replace smoke alarms
  • By not following smoking restrictions and improper disposing of cigarette butts and matches
  • Distracted residents in Kitchen
  • Overcooked food

How many smoke alarms do I need?

It is recommended to install smoke alarm in every bedroom, living room and hallways as smoke cannot travel through closed doors. All smoke alarms at your property can be integrated and interlinked to your alarm system at your property. If you think cost is an issue, we can offer a cost-effective solution without compromising the quality and can be easily integrated with your existing house alarm system.

We can interlink the new smoke alarms to your existing alarm system at your property. A wide range of smoke alarms and heat sensors are available in the market now, we will choose the best suitable products for your property which will be compatible with your alarm brand.

From small residential houses to big commercial projects we have a wide variety of alarm products, a range of sensors – Smoke detectors, Heat detectors, CO detectors can all be integrated to your alarm system.

If your alarm is self-monitored, you can get notifications about any smoke alarm activations at your property, and you can get notification and a call from the monitoring station if you are monitored by a monitoring station.

Can I upgrade my existing smoke alarm?

Upgrading your old/malfunctioned smoke detection system is one of the best options. It is very common for the older smoke alarm systems to weaken and malfunction over time causing nuisance and false activations most of the time. The best way to put an end to the false alarms is to replace your old detectors with a brand-new model by simply changing the smoke alarms using the existing cabling.

If you have got a home security system already call our professional team on 0800 031 330 for a free site audit to get a professional opinion and the correct placement of the sensors.

When the smoke alarms are integrated with an entire home alarm system, you will enjoy peace of mind- whether you are away on a business trip or a holiday, you will receive a notification on your smartphone from our 24/7 monitoring station if you are monitored.