Is Your House Safe?

A house becomes a home only when you feel secure inside it. Keep your loved ones comfortable and safe with Kiwi Security.

Statistics show that burglaries mostly occur in broad daylight. At Kiwi Security, we keep an eye on your property 24 x 7 x 365 days. This covers not only the time you are away on work, but also when you are on a holiday. That way you not only can focus on the job that you need to finish at your workplace but also spend a few relaxing days away from home.

Kiwi Security alarms can monitor intruders, smoke, mains fail, temperature and more. Your alarms are programmed to directly connect with our base office via your phone line or 3G Device. This helps our monitoring center to respond quickly, in case your alarm system activates.

How Kiwi Security responds to emergencies?

  • We call the keyholder
  • We send a qualified patrolling agency to check on your site
  • We call for emergency services if required.

If the patrolling agency finds an issue that needs attention, our monitoring center:

  • Contacts the keyholder and/or designated keyholders
  • Calls emergency services
  • Organises a static guard to remain on site
  • Organises locksmiths, glaziers and other tradespeople, if required

We provide a free onsite audit to find the best protection solution for your own property.

Mobile app for monitoring

Kiwi Security offers a free smartphone application to monitor your alarm system virtually, from anywhere, even when you are not in the country.

Our easy-to-use mobile app helps to:

  • View sensor and alarm history. Eg when your alarm was turned on/off and by which user
  • Arm or disarm the system
  • Customise alerts
  • Assess visitors’ activities
  • View and add/ edit your alarm users
  • Backup notifications via text and email
  • Get a one-touch access to the monitoring station
  • View and add/ edit your detected zones
  • Let the monitoring station know if you’re going to work early or working till late

Our mobile technology ensures signals go through, even if your phone lines are disconnected.

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