Why professional cameras are better than DIY cameras?

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D.I.Y Cameras Professional cameras
The cost price of materials is cheaper than the professional cameras but sometimes they’re more expensive because of the high price mark-ups to the individuals versus companies.


Professional cameras are expensive than the DIY cameras but again some companies come up with promotions and cost-saving options.
The installation procedure is not at all easy as the DIY’er is not professionally trained and must follow the procedure as per the manual and could come with technical issues in between.


Professional cameras are installed by certified professionals who’ve been trained to do the proper installation using high-quality cameras.
DIY’ers usually lack experience and end in disappointment most of the times. Security companies hire certified and experienced installers to install the cameras.
Warranty is for 1 – 2 years only Warranty starts from the invoice date, and cameras from the top brand come up with a 2-year warranty.
Quality is always a gamble with DIY cameras as the picture and the product quality won’t look good or last long as the professional cameras.


Picture and product quality is always good than DIY cameras.
DIY cameras are less trustworthy and are vulnerable to attack. Professional cameras are robust, certified and have better software than DIY cameras.
DIY cameras do not come with mounting brackets. Installers can install the mounting brackets according to customers requirements as there is a wide range of camera mounting brackets available in the market.


Accessories are not provided as these cameras are wireless. Accessories like connectors, baluns, power supply, RJ45’s etc. are all included as a part of the installation.


Training: You must figure out everything from the manual. Training: you get trained by a professional certified installer.
Footage extraction is always difficult with the DIY cameras as you cannot track or monitor what an individual is doing and may only involve real-time viewing depending on the type of system involved.


An installer can help you to retrieve the footage from the hard drive to capture the information as per the requested date and time.
Batteries have to be changed very often and have chances of losing the connectivity with the other cameras and the local network.


Professional cameras are all hard-wired and they’re not battery operated.
There are on-going extra costs included in terms of monthly storage charges. Apart from the regular maintenance (like cleaning lenses and checking power supply), there are no extra costs involved
DIY cameras are not weatherproof Professional cameras are weatherproof and IP65 rated
Very limited support by the suppliers for diagnosing any kind of issue like for faulty cameras, you’ve to wait to hear from the suppliers until they get back to you with a replacement and to finish all this can take up to 2 to 3 weeks.


Installers are handy to arrange and can diagnose the issue with in the same day or the following day


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