TIPS for Home Security 2023


Try to not leave your expensive gadgets and small electronic items in places which can be seen from the streets.

If in doubt change the locks and old window latches of your property.

Try not to leave your property keys outside the doors, under the flower pots and the most common areas that the thieves would look for.

Please make sure that all your power tools and gardening equipment is safely stored, locked and not visible from the streets.

Guard dogs always do the trick as burglars and thieves will not risk going to the properties with guard dogs as they often bite, bark and draw too much unwanted attention. Make sure you have a proper visible display of BEWARE sign.

If you have a multi-storied building, make sure to partially arm the premises that you are not using when you go to sleep.

Consider getting the alarm system monitored by a good security provider.

If you are going on a holiday or away from your property, try considering someone you can trust to house sit and clear your posts and mailboxes.

Inform your security provider if you are going away for a long time to keep your monitored property on a high alert and to dispatch a guard if you have any sort of alarm activations.

Make sure that you have locked or switched off your personal computers on your property to prevent any unauthorized data theft which is an increasing trend as most of your vital information regarding your bank credit cards and other vital information can be stolen.

If you are partially renting your property, try installing a keypad or biometric access control system to limit or restrict the access in your

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