•  Always lock your front door if you are back in garden.
  •  Install a good quality lock and use a reputable locksmith.
  • Don’t leave your Wheelie bins, ladders and tools because intruders could use them to break in.
  • Don’t leave house keys along with car keys.
  • When you leave, ensure your home looks ‘lived in’. Give a false impression that someone is around always
  • Keep your windows, garden shed, garage is locked and secured.
  •  Ask your neighbours to clear your mail box, report any suspicious behaviour and use your driveway occasionally.
  • Keep trees, lawn and shrubs trimmed so there is no place for burglars to hide.
  • Don’t put your valuables (laptops, mobile, jewellery) visible from the outside of your home, like on dresser, beside windows or kitchen table.
  • Always arm your security alarm whenever you leave your property.
  • A visible external siren is brilliant – if it gets spotted
  • Putting some protected security stickers on windows and yard signs is an extra display of security
  • Change all the locks and alarm codes when you move into a new house.
  • Keep your garage door closed and locked even when your car is not in the garage.

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