CCTV Services

CCTV has many applications. Generally in New Zealand CCTV is used in crime prevention/detection, traffic flows and tracking process controls. CCTV is accessible and especially useful now.

Whether you are a homeowner, small business or a big organisation, count on Kiwi Security to give you a reliable CCTV system satisfying your requirements.CCTV

CCTV is ideal for off-site management. There’s an increasing trend toward using CCTV to deal with anti-social behaviour.

CCTV systems that are smaller will also be cost efficient for residential use.

We provide a free onsite audit to find the best protection solution for your own property.

What’s the difference between Analogue and IP Cameras?

Another important difference between IP and analogue technology is the level of smart features inside the camera. IP cameras are much superior regarding their attributes and flexibility of setup. Analogue cameras require a wire to be connected from the camera to the recorder, whereas IP surveillance cameras connect back to the recorder via Ethernet, WIFI or WAN.

Kiwi Security has Technicians that are fully trained and capable of supplying guidance and the finest quality workmanship. We’ll tailor every installation meet your security requirements, together with your budget and company restrictions, and you can be rest assured that all the equipment we supply is of the greatest quality.

Call Kiwi Security now to discuss your product and installation options if you’re investing in a CCTV security system to protect your property and get a free quote. We can attend your property on precisely the same day of your phone call, and offer free quotations for all kinds of CCTV security setups.

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